Sciatica during pregnancy

As a women’s body is undergoing a lot of changes in the course of pregnancy so sciatica occurs. Here spine is carrying a lot more weight and bones change as well.

Causes of sciatica during pregnancy:

Herniated disc and bone changes are the most common problem and 80% of women suffer from it due to these causes. Muscle tension and unstable joints occurring due to pregnancy hormone called relaxin that loosen and stretches the muscles and joints s also a reason. Baby’s weight might add trouble.

Symptoms of sciatica during pregnancy:

  • Occasional pain in one side of the buttock
  • Pain in the legs and thighs
  • Sharp and electric pain
  • Numbness and weakness of legs and feet

How to relieve sciatica:

  1. Rest in a comfortable position whenever possible
  2. Sleep on the pain free side of your body so that you feel comfortable
  3. Do some pelvic tilts to strengthen your muscles and build core
  4. Swimming might help to release tension and stress and buoyancy removes stress from spine
  5. Prenatal massages help a lot since they relax your muscles
  6. Acupuncture is also an applied therapy
  7. Try to gain the weight progressively and slowly so that the body adjusts with the new BMI and bones do not suffer
  8. Take any anti-inflammatory drug such as acetaminophen to relieve the pain
  9. Avoid lifting heavy weights and doing core exercises
  10. During pregnancy every women comes across one episode of sciatica and this is painful and frustrating. Stretching can help to improve the situation by lowering the muscle tension.

Women should listen to their bodies and stop extreme activities to better the situation.  Your body and your child need an extra bit of attention. Don’t ignore these little things for your safety since safety is the first priority.

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