I’am a student currently studying in South Africa. I love being active and doing all kinds of activities outdoors and hitting the gym on a regular basis.

One day, after I just finished a grueling back session in the gym with my trusty partner, strongest dude you’ll ever meet, my back felt kind of funny. It almost felt as if it was going numb. Later that week I went for a longboarding session with some of my friends at a hill nearby and we tried to master the art of sliding, most difficult thing ever. As expected, things didn’t go that well and I fell on my bum.

The next morning I woke up with this funny pain in my lower back and left leg. It almost felt as if someone has used a piece of electric wire and fastened the back of my thing to my lower back. It was a burning pain every time I stood up from sitting for a while. You can imagine how it felt after having one lecture for two hours.

I thought this maybe was a spasm in my back and went to the physiotherapist, but he could not find anything in my back. He suggested that I went for x-rays as he was sure that I hurt something in my back with the gym and falling from my longboard. The doctor could not find anything wrong in the x-ray, but suggested that I go for a MRI scan.

With the return of the scan results, we found that there was a piece of the soft pillow between my L4 and L5 vertebrae was sticking into the sciatic nerve. This was resulting in the pain and discomfort.

I went to see a neurosurgeon and he gave me two options: Option 1: Go for a pain block. A pain block is when they inject the swollen pillow between the two vertebrae with an anti inflammatory steroid and that will first worsen the pain, but afterwords provide relief. Option 2: Go for back surgery where they remove the pillow and replace it with a synthetic one.

I went for option 1.

After receiving the injections underĀ anaesthetics, I was experiencing much more pain for the following month, not doing any form of exercise, I was starting to wonder if the treatment had worked? I did some research and found a guy saying he was experiencing the same until he started to be active again. I immediately started increasing my daily activity and found that the pain decreased, but I was still stiff and not that movable as I used to be. I contacted the neurosurgeon and he said that I really should consult a bio-kinetic as she will help me to loosen up and I proceeded in doing that and following a strict exercise program for two months.

Here I am now. Apart from slight leg pain from time to time, I’am almost back to doing anything with the same ease as I use to – With an extra bit of caution to the strain it will have on my lower back.

I hope my story adds some value to your experience.

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